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This Couple Takes Awkward Christmas Photos Ever Year And I Am HOWLING

Originally published 11 December 2019

People celebrate the holidays in all sorts of different ways, and that ‘s what makes this time of year so wonderful. For some, making merry means gathering with loved ones to sing carols, for others it ‘s reading certain stories or watching particular movies, for me it ‘s giving in to peer pressure and doing sambuca shots with my family at 8am on Christmas morning so my dad will stop heckling me. All festivities are special in their own way!

Some folks really take things to the next level, though, like those insanely committed people who cover their homes with enough lights and decorations to flag down an aircraft, or this couple, who really put the “oh Jesus Christ ‘ in “Christmas ‘.

Most families who celebrate Christmas commemorate the occasion with photos, and Mike and Laura Bergeron are no different. The photos they take, however, are a lot different.

Since 2004, Mike and Laura have made it their mission to take the ultimate Christmas photos, whether they ‘re based on characters or just good ol ‘ fashion cringey. And, look, I know the holidays aren ‘t a competition, there are no winners, but at the same time… Mike and Laura have absolutely won.

Feast your eyes.

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