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Santa Is The Hero We All Need In The New Coheed And Cambria Music Video

“What we ‘re doing is weird. ‘

That ‘s how progressive metal band Coheed and Cambria has described their latest work, and honestly, that doesn ‘t do this video justice. The term “weird ‘ is open to interpretation, but the only vibes Coheed and Cambria is giving off in this epic holiday satire ‘Toys ‘ is solidly, “weird, but like, in the best goddamn way imaginable. ‘

We ‘re in the middle of 45 ‘s impeachment, which is only the fourth impeachment process in the history of this country, so… I mean… that ‘s a lot to try and cope with during the holiday season, but Coheed and Cambria ‘s here to meld holiday bliss with democratic shit-shows.

The video for ‘Toys ‘, titled ‘An Unheavenly Christmas Carol ‘, follows the story of a spoiled young boy as he writes letters to Santa each holiday season asking to become president. After receiving what seems like hundreds of letters over the years, someone from the North Pole finally caves and grants him his wish, and from that very moment a terrible orange light is cast across mankind. Once Santa realizes what has happened, he must fix what has been done and take this orange menace down.

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