By: Sloane Hughes

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Guys… The Full-length ‘Threat Level Midnight ‘ Movie Is Now Online

Few shows have had the same level of impact and massive cult following as The Office. The series ended in 2013 but it ‘s still one of the most watched (and rewatched) and most talked about shows to this day. Honestly, it ‘ll probably outlive humankind. After the dust settles from the apocalypse, only three things will remain: cockroaches, Twinkies, and The Office.

As I previously mentioned, it ‘s been almost seven years since the series finale, and it was not an easy goodbye. I have watched the final episode of The Office three times, the day it aired, once at the end of a week-long binge session, and once at the gym because one of the TV ‘s was stuck on a basic cable channel that pretty much only featured sitcom reruns. I cried every goddamn time. Including at the gym. It was a heart-wrenching episode, okay!! And it was just so hard to see it all end, which is why nobody will just let it go and move on. We ‘re all hoping that maybe, someday, somehow, there will be more, and we will feel love again.

Folks, I have some good news. Today is that day.

Before you get too excited ‘ no, there isn ‘t a new season on its way or a reboot in the works, there might be a reunion movie in the future but I ‘m not willing to fully believe that yet, I ‘ve been hurt before. But the gift that has just been bestowed on us is, in my opinion, actually better than that.

Guys… it ‘s Threat Level Midnight.

The action-romance-drama cinematic experience of the century that Michael Gary Scott created over the span of 11 years is finally available in all its glory, and it ‘s FREE. We might as well not even have the Academy Awards Ceremony this year since we all know who ‘s gonna clean up, everybody can stay home, the Academy can just FedEx Michael all his awards.

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