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What It ‘s Like To Unveil Your New Haircut To Friends

New haircut reveals are big deals

A lot is hanging on this moment. You have, after all, spent a good amount of time researching the look you want; finding the right person to cut, color, and style that look; and it ‘s also tied to the event at which you unveil this new look ‘ ‘where it is, who will be there, what the weather will look like, and what else you may or may not be wearing.

The opinions of strangers matter less at this critical time than the opinion of friends or just anyone you might be trying to impress. And usually, we hear what we want to hear in this moment but what if we didn ‘t?

Because as a friend who witnesses a new haircut getting revealed ‘ especially a drastic or dramatic new cut ‘ ‘it is one helluva rollercoaster of speculation, conjecture, anxiety, concern, jealousy, pride, relief, you name it.


Directed by Ashleigh Stanczak

Written by April Mouton and Ashleigh Stanczak

Executive Produced by Funny Or Die

Produced by April Mouton and Ashleigh Stanczak

LILY ‘. April Mouton

CECE ‘. Deborah Baker Jr.

ZOEY ‘. Ashleigh Hairston

DANIELLE ‘ Hannah Garces

Director of Photography – Marshall Douglis

Edited by Ryan Moulton

Makeup Dept – Kasey Vanwey

Sound – Brian Nicholas Perez

1st asst. Camera – Lane Teichler

Asst. Director – Lauren Heavrin

Camera PA – Erika Rydell

Camera PA Tony Crissman

DIT – Lori McCrory

Key Prod Assistant Ryan Fowlkes

Production Asst. Davia Meader

Production Design – Gabe Notarangelo

Set Photog. Matt Quinn

Reader: Marc Jordan Cohen


Alysa Beckner

Jerrod Brosean

Marc Jordan Cohen

Kamara Folkes

Jinous Khadivian

Connor Milne

William Silver Weaver

Special Thanks:

Jeff “Timmy Socks ‘ Tomsic

David Weiss

Black Rabbit Rose and Houston Hospitality LLC

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