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Hiring A Santa Claus Is Harder Than It Seems

Santas for hire can be really hit or miss

And there are some very important tips if you are hiring a Santa. You want a Santa that:

1 – Assumes the guests believe he is the real Santa. You don ‘t want a Santa that can ‘t commit to his character and has to spend all day in his trailer drinking peach schnapps.

2 – Takes a good photo and has a great lap for said photo ‘ ‘and if said lap is not there, is cool using a chair so guests can pop a squat next to Old Saint Nick without feeling like he ‘s a creepy weirdo.

3 – Has a few hours inside an improv class so he can vamp about life at the North Pole. What if someone asks a question about Santa ‘s diet, or his morning routine, and Santa drops character and talks about his menthol Camels and jumpstarting his Pinto?

Of course these tips? These tips escaped the staff at Black Coffee Cafe. So when Beachum (Joshua Triplett) tries to hire a Santa for the shop ‘s first Christmas party, things pretty much melt down. So Travis (Jean Robert “Splack ‘ Toussaint), Anthony (Reggie Couz), Malcolm (Iman Crosson), Crystal (Jennah Brittany), and Black (Zack Kozlow) work together to save Christmas.

In Black Coffee, the staff of a Black-owned coffee shop in D.C. try to turn their fledgling little coffeehouse into a hot bean water powerhouse ‘ if they could just get on the same page about how to do that. Can these newbie entrepreneurs grow up fast enough to keep pace with their dreams.


Directed By
Diamond Batiste

Written By
George Khouri
Joshua Triplett
Boomer Mobley
Kevin Kimmel
Dwayne Colbert

Executive Producer
Boomer Mobley
Kevin Kimmel
George Khouri
Joshua Triplett

Executive Producer ‘
Chris Michael

Executive Producer ‘
David Saint

Based on the original pilot “Black Coffee ‘ by George Khouri

Main Cast
Reggie Couz (@reggiecouz) as Anthony
Jean Robert (@jeanrobert) as Travis
Iman Crosson (@alphacat) as Malcolm
Jennah Brittany (@missjaydmv) as Crystal
Joshua Triplett ‘(@jtripnation) as Beachum

Supporting Cast
Zack Kozlow as Michael
Ariana Sanchez as Latina Sabrina
Marlon Webb as Rupert Hawkesley
Kevin Kimmel as Hot ‘Driver ‘
George Khouri as Dashik
Mark Harley as Sexy Santa
Viet Ha as Seoul Santa
Robert Avellanet as Salsa Santa
Marlon Webb as The Narrator

Principle Photography
Director of Photography – Miko Dannels ‘
1st AD – Miko Dannels
2nd AD – Malik McCrea
1st AC – Tom Funk
2nd AC – Kevin Pontrelli
Gaffer – Joel Stout
Key Grip – Matt Felly
BBE – Ben Bowen
BBG – Chaz Moore
Sound Mixer – Jake Voelzke
Production Assistant 1 – Tyson Prince
Production Assistant 2 – Cece Gardner
Hair & Makeup – Qiana Chase
Wardrobe – Marquita Lopez
Barber – Don Johnson
Set Photography – Jeremy David

Production Manager
Kaja Martin

Post Production ‘
Editor – Boomer Mobley ‘
Color Grade – Miko Dannels
Sound Design – Boomer Mobley

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