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Funny Or Die ‘s Best Pharmaceutical Commercials

The world of medicine ain ‘t like it used to be. There are new breakthroughs and discoveries being made every single day, which on one hand is good, because knowing is half the battle, right? But on the other hand, that means we have to figure out how to treat all these new ailments as they arise.

As they say, modern problems require modern solutions.

But never fear! That ‘s exactly why we at Funny Or Die have continued to dedicate our absolute best, brightest, and definitely very real and qualified doctors to the neverending cause of healing humankind. Whether you suffer from Nightmarish Presidentitis, Acute Creepy Male Attention, Cartoon Erectile Dysfunction, or Just Being A Woman, we have the cure for you. We haven ‘t cracked the common cold yet, though, still working on that one.

Side effects may include: uncontrollable laughter, wheezing, snorting, involuntary chuckling, gas, controllable laughter, procrastination at work, dizziness, heart failure, and dry mouth.

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