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Behold The Cathartic Power Of Screaming In Rush Hour

Nothing triggers rage quite like traffic

That ‘s why we have screaming though. And actually, you should really use it. This is of course something that a renaissance man like Alex Greer understands: screaming can be good for you. In fact, there ‘s actually a therapy built around it.

It ‘s called Primal Therapy. Invented by Dr. Arthur Janov in the late 1960 ‘s, it is a practice that allows someone to face their repressed emotions from past trauma head on and let those emotions go.

Anyone who ‘s ever been in bumper-to-bumper traffic for over an hour knows deep down the traumatic nature of this experience.

And Richard, the guy Alex is interviewing in this episode of The Traffic Show, seems like he could use a bit of primal screaming.

Things we learn about Richard

  1. He ‘s a plumber, but not the sort who hunts turds. This guy builds houses. Important distinction.
  2. He ate part of a bean salad for lunch
  3. He enjoys ‘mediating his conscious experience ‘
  4. His wife is not into this at all

The Traffic Show on Funny Or Die

Starring Alex Greer, who along with his GoPros, an iPhone and hand-held mic, jumps in your car to bring some revelry to your rush hour commute. Bedecked in suit and tie ‘ and a surprising willingness to put himself in harm ‘s way ‘ the host of Funny Or Die ‘s The Traffic Show helps turn the 5:00 mess that rush hour gridlock into a talk show studio to make you laugh.


Created, Produced, Directed, and Written by Alexander Greer and Joe Saunders
Production Assistant: Annie Mae Coleman

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