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This Dog Freaking Out Over Her Snow Goggles Is The Best Goddamn Thing

Winter doesn ‘t equal snow everywhere on earth, but once you ‘ve experienced it it ‘s hard to really get that “winter is here ‘ feeling without it. While not everyone looks forward to living in a winter wonderland, like people who have sidewalks to shovel or commutes to make, for a lot of folks it ‘s truly the most wonderful time of year.

But no one ‘ no one ‘ loves snow more than dogs.

Maple the border collie is no exception. Maple loves all things outdoors, particularly snow, and her human needed to figure out a way to keep her eyes protected during snowstorms so she could safely enjoy them.

So, she bought her a pair of goggles.

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too cool for you

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Doesn ‘t she look snazzy?

The goggles did exactly what they were intended to do and protected Maple ‘s eyes during harsh winter storms, but they did something else as well ‘ they allowed her to keep her eyes open underneath the fallen snow.

And boy oh boy, it ‘s safe to say this is probably the best day of her life.

Soo…I ‘m not sure if the internet can handle this yet.Best Black Friday purchase I ‘ve ever. She can also put her head out the window during a snowstorm now EDIT: Clearly I ‘m over excited

Posted by Jessica Dylan Mann on Friday, December 6, 2019

You can check out Maple and her goggles on her Instagram page right here.

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