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We Finally Know How To Stop Drinking So Much

The key is to listen to your future, hangxious self

No matter how many times I want to swear off drinking after a night of too many lemon drops and brandy shots, inevitably that old familiar tug is right around the corner. Might be a particularly stressful day at work, or a particularly happy day at work. Anything with family. Or it could be just seeing some friends out at a bar. Most of these events can be improved with a little sip of something special. Like, how else do people get through job interviews?

Humans have been drinking for a long time. Why? Because we know it works. Drinking is wonderful. It ‘s killing us (probably), but we ‘re all dead anyway, right? And it ‘s good for all seasons.

Example: What ‘s the harm in having a drink or two? I ‘m stressed!

Another example: What do you mean I shouldn ‘t drink ‘ it ‘s the weekend and I can finally relax!


Present: Jenn Lee
Future: Teresa Lee

Exec Producer: David Saint
Producers: Chuck Armstrong, Charlie Stockman, Alexander Harrison Jacobs
Director/Editor: Alexander Harrison Jacobs
Writer: Spike Friedman
AD: Nick Mann
DP: Cooper James
1st AC: Alex Van Putten
Gaffer: Brody Anderson
Key Grip: Heather Ballish
Production Designer: Lauren Meyer
Prop Master: Jason Trinidad
Production Sound Mixer: Gavin Farnsworth
Makeup/Hair/Fx: Cali Mazzariego
Makeup Assist: Vicky Arias
Wardrobe: Amanda Mendoza David
PA: Nick Fox Robbins
Re-recording Mixer: Alex Lee
Colorist: Philips Shum

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