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A Pastry Chef Tried To Make Heart Cookies, Things Went, Ahem, SOUTH

Although October through to the new year doesn ‘t mean changing leaves and frigid weather everywhere, there ‘s one thing the autumn and winter months are universally notorious for: food that ‘s decadent as all hell. And I know it ‘s January, but we ‘re not quite out of the comfort food, dessert-trays-at-eleven-in-the-morning woods yet. We ‘ve still got one more indulgent wintertime holiday to get through.

Valentine ‘s Day.

There are an increasing number of folks who write Valentine ‘s Day off as merely a big corporate scam created in order to sell flowers, cards, and jewelry, and I mean, they ‘re not wrong. That ‘s definitely the case. It ‘s hardly a real holiday.

Valentine ‘s sweets, though? Oh mama. They ‘re very, very real.

It ‘s only January but Emma Plummer, like any entrepreneurial baker, has already gotten a jump on planning out tasty treats for V-Day. You can clearly see from her Instagram that she is no amateur ‘ the lady ‘s got some serious pastry skills.

Yeah, those are blueberry cheesecake macarons with a watercolor-esque finish.

Holy mother of cookies

So for Valentine ‘s Day, Emma decided she ‘d make adorable pink heart-shaped macarons. Cute, right?!

Wrong, actually. So, so wrong.

She had her baking stencils made and pink batter prepared, but, as she told BuzzFeed News, things were… uhh… not going according to plan.

Oh no… OH NO

I mean… one could say those are the hearts of the pants??
No? Nobody? Fine

But instead of scrapping this batch of unintentionally intimate cookies, Emma decided to let it all hang out and turn them into Valentine ‘s Day sweets regardless.

Personally, I like them better this way.

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