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The Hot Sauce Roster For ‘Hot Ones ‘ Season 11 Is HERE

There ‘s no shortage of talk shows available out there, but there ‘s only one that truly puts guests in the hot seat: Hot Ones.

If you ‘re not yet familiar with the series, prepare to be hooked. Each episode of Complex Networks ‘ Hot Ones features the host of the show, Sean Evans, sitting down with a celebrity guest for a twenty to thirty minute long Q and A session. Which sounds like your average interview, but there ‘s a twist. Between Sean and his guest lie two rows of ten glorious chicken (or cauliflower, if the guest is vegan) wings, each wing tossed in a different hot sauce and arranged from mildest to hottest.

The guests don ‘t just have to field questions, they also have to conquer the gauntlet of wings ‘ each more intense than the last. And it turns out, trying to answer questions while your mouth is on fire and your nerves are short-circuiting isn ‘t a walk in the park.

Sean, like the good host he is, has a plate of wings as well, though. So at least they ‘re in it together.

Season 10 of Hot Ones closed out on December 5 with actor John Boyega, who by about halfway through the interview was really feeling the burn. But even though he suffered the wrath of many fierce sauces, he should be relieved that he appeared on Hot Ones when he did ‘ because they just announced what ‘s to come next.

In a YouTube video just dropped today, Sean Evans walks us through the roster of sauces that await the guests of season 11, including the dreaded Da ‘ Bomb and First We Feast ‘s own Last Dab, and hooooo boy, everybody ‘s in for one helluva ride.

Get ready, spicelords, Hot Ones returns on First We Feast ‘s YouTube channel on Thursday, February 6 at 11AM EST.

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