By: Sloane Hughes

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Watch Ryan Reynolds And Sandra Bullock Fight For Betty White ‘s Love

Today is a very important day. On the seventeenth of January in 1922, the legendary Betty White was born. The Golden Girls star has been on television for over eighty years, and although she ‘s been in our homes and making us laugh for, well, our entire lives, there ‘s still a lot to learn about her and from her. For example, did you know that according to Betty White, the secret to a long life is vodka and hot dogs? She ‘s not a doctor but I mean, I trust her. Something else I just learned about Betty is apparently Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock love her. Like, really love her.

They love her so much, for her 98th birthday they recorded a Happy Birthday duet for her! Awww. Oh, my bad. Did I say duet? I meant duel.

In a video posted to Ryan ‘s Instagram, the two sung a very sweet rendition of Happy Birthday ‘ but it didn ‘t take long before it spiralled into a hilarious battle to prove who loves Betty White more.

I ‘m not saying Sandra doesn ‘t love Betty as much as Ryan does, all I ‘m saying is he did shed tears.

Ultimately, it ‘ll be up to Betty to decide who won.

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