By: Sloane Hughes


SNL ‘s Season Premiere Had Kylo Ren Back For More Undercover Boss

This past weekend Saturday Night Live returned for season 46, and after bookending last season with Woody Harrelson and the highly anticipated return of prodigal son Eddie Murphy, (which received the highest rating of any episode in the last two-and-a-half years) the folks over at Studio 8H had set the bar pretty damn high for themselves.

This season kicked off with Adam Driver who was back hosting for his third time, and it ‘s safe to say that everybody ‘s going to want him back again for round four ‘ because they vaulted that bar with ease.

The fan-favorite sketch from Driver ‘s hosting debut was the Undercover Boss parody in which Kylo Ren goes undercover as a radar technician named Matt, so audiences were eager to see if Part Two of this sketch was in the cards this episode. Thankfully for everyone (except for a couple ill-fated employees of Kylo Ren ‘s) we did indeed get a follow-up to Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base, but it ‘s hard to say if that was even the best sketch of the night.

Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now

In this follow-up to the massively successful Undercover Boss parody featuring Adam Driver in 2016, Kylo Ren is once again disguised as an intern among his own employees as he works towards being a more compassionate boss who perhaps doesn ‘t kill people as often.

Marrying Ketchups

The most heart-wrenching and riveting love story between two ketchup bottles (Adam Driver and Cecily Strong) you ‘ll ever see.


All I want to know is when is this song going to be on Spotify?!

Cold Open: Alan Dershowitz Argues For Trump

Political SNL at its best. Jon Lovitz joins the cast as Alan Dershowitz to give Senator Mitch McConnell (Beck Bennett), Senator Susan Collins (Cecily Strong), and the Devil herself (Kate McKinnon) a taste of his defense for the President.

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