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This British Olympic Medalist Is As Funny As She Is Wise

You never know who you ‘re sitting in traffic with

The highway at rush hour remains one of those most public places that is also so extremely private that you ‘d never know who you ‘re sitting ‘next to ‘ in traffic. At a distance that, in any other context, would probably create that weird need to say hello so we don ‘t seem like silent creepy weirdos, wrapped in the protective shell of our two- and four-door chassis of silence, we might as well be alone. And yet none of that changes the fact that you probably have shared car farts with celebrities, murderers, political bigwigs, and superstar athletes.

While cool to think about for all of fifteen seconds, the problem is that this knowledge has no real bearing on actually getting through rush hour. Except now.

Because Alex Greer actually flags people down, asks if they want to talk, and then turns their car into a talk show.

And today, he happens to have flagged down British Olympic bronze medalist Tasha Danvers. AND SHE DESERVES ALL THE MEDALS.

Hey, Internet, meet Tasha Danvers, British Olympic bronze medalist

The most important things to know about Tasha:

  1. She stays ready so she never needs to get ready
  2. She ‘s from South London
  3. She knows the secret to hurdles, and even shares it in this episode
  4. She has absolutely no fear

Y ‘all better buckle up, this is one wild ride.


Created, Produced, Directed, and Written by Alexander Greer and Joe Saunders
Production Assistant: Annie Mae Coleman

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