By: Sloane Hughes

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Kenan Thompson Will Host This Year ‘s White House Correspondents ‘ Dinner

The White House Correspondents ‘ Association dinner is an annual tradition that goes back almost one hundred years, and although it ‘s been customary for the sitting president and vice president to attend since the very first dinner in 1921, Trump has skipped out on all three that have occurred since he ‘s been in office. That really should come as no surprise, though, considering the White House Correspondents ‘ dinner involves three of the things Donald Trump detests most in this world: members of the press, fun, and vegetables.

However just because Trump skipping out on this event is probably the most predictable thing he ‘s done as president doesn ‘t mean that his absence isn ‘t a smidge awkward. But this year, it looks like that presidential void might be filled by a different Trump.


Saturday Night Live ‘s Kenan Thompson will host this year ‘s WHCA dinner on April 25, and will be joined by fellow comedian Hasan Minhaj as the evening ‘s featured entertainer.

Who knows for sure what Kenan is going to have in store for the attendees, but I ‘m positive that President Darius Trump has a lot of thoughts on impeachment, and what could possibly be a more perfect place to share them?

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