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Humane Society Offering Terrible Drawings Of Your Pets For Donations

Art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so with those two truths in mind, it ‘s pretty damn near impossible to find one piece, or even one type of artwork that any group of folks will all love equally. However, one humane society has cracked the code and figured out exactly what kind of art will speak to anyone and everyone. Any piece where their own pets are the subject! Because while it ‘s true that not everyone will love the same style of art, everyone loves anything to do with their pets. You could create a portrait of my dog out of twigs you found in a local park and I would probably weep.

The Wisconsin Humane Society isn ‘t offering twig portraits, but their not exactly promising giant oil paintings either.

If you make a $15 donation and post a picture of your pet, one of their staff-turned-impromptu-artists will recreate them through the medium of their choice, probably Sharpie or HB pencil or ball-point pen.

Personally, I ‘d like to see them all framed and put on display in a gallery!

UPDATE: 2/26 @ 4pm – Wow, you all are truly incredible!! To ensure we're able to fulfill all the art requests,…

Posted by Wisconsin Humane Society on ‘Tuesday, February 25, 2020

All images courtesy of Wisconsin Humane Society, Facebook, and various donors to the WHS.

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