By: Sloane Hughes

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Kevin Bacon. Throwing Axes. On Late Night Television. That ‘s It. What More Do You Need

This week our pal the legendary actor and now legendary podcast host, Kevin Bacon, dropped by The Tonight Show to sit down with Jimmy Fallon and talk about the crazy fun world of podcasting. As Kevin himself pointed out, he doesn ‘t do that much comedy, so diving head first into this genre through a podcast of all things was a pretty bold way to go! But being bold and brave is 100% something everybody on earth knows is right in Kevin ‘s wheelhouse.

He ‘s been a small-town revolutionary, a risk-taking scientist, and a killer of subterranean monsters. So it kind of checks out that the real life Kevin Bacon is into some badass shit like throwing axes.

Yeah, some people golf, Kevin Bacon recreationally hurls axes.

Literally what is cooler than that. Nothing. There is nothing cooler than that.

Obviously Jimmy had to put Kevin to the test, you don ‘t just tell someone you can throw axes like a goddamn Viking and then not flex those skills. Jimmy just happened to have a few throwing axes and a target lying around, so we ‘re all lucky enough to get to witness this with our own eyes, and then immediately be a little (a lot) bummed out because we ‘re nowhere near as hardcore as Kevin Bacon hucking axes while wearing a suit.

You can check out the portion of Kevin Bacon ‘s Late Show appearance featuring 100% fewer axes here.

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