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Schitt ‘s Creek Is Blessing Us With A Documentary Special

Well, we ‘re officially in a state of emergency, everyone has panic-purchased all the toilet paper that can possibly fit in their homes, (side note: stop doing that. You have enough toilet paper) and a good chunk of the globe is essentially on lockdown. Who knows at this point how long we ‘ll be holed up in COVID-19 isolation, but it ‘s safe to say that everybody should be thinking about how they ‘re going to not only avert coronavirus, but also cabin fever.

I bought a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, but I ‘m really hoping things don ‘t become that dire.

We may not have a vaccine yet, and this administration may be a complete dumpster fire, but hey ‘ while we ‘re all stuck inside our apartments with our roommates we ‘ve actively avoided long conversations with since signing the lease, at least we have Schitt ‘s Creek.

The bad news is Schitt ‘s Creek is ending for good in April, the good news is given how well the government has responded to coronavirus we might all be dead by then.

The even better news is the series finale comes with a little (big) something extra.

On the same day of the last-ever Schitt ‘s Creek episode, April 7, fans will get a two-hour-long documentary special titled Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt ‘s Creek Farewell featuring behind-the-scenes footage that, until now, has never been seen before. This will include everything from interviews with the cast and crew, to audition tapes, to wardrobe fittings, to the final table read.

Basically, we ‘re all going to have a good long cry.

The Schitt ‘s Creek series finale premieres on Pop TV at 8pm EST/PST, and Best Wishes, Warmest Regards will follow at 8:30pm EST/PST.

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