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Brockmire Season 4 Premieres TONIGHT

Stuck inside and in need of some primo entertainment? Of course you are, we all are! Not to worry, we ‘ve got just the thing to get immersed in while you ‘re immersing all your earthly possessions in sanitizer.

Brockmire ‘s fourth and final season premieres March 18!

For three glorious seasons we ‘ve watched disgraced baseball announcer Jim Brockmire climb his way up after hitting both a personal and professional rock bottom. After (mostly) conquering his own demons and reaching new heights of success, in season 4 we find Jim Brockmire in a whole new kind of hell: a borderline-apocalyptic America in the year 2030 where things are so grim, even baseball is on the brink of extinction.

Buckle up, Brockmire ‘s final season is going to be the best one yet.

Tune in to IFC on March 18 at 10 PM for the premiere of Brockmire season 4.

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