By: Sloane Hughes

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Self Isolating With His Tiny Horse And Donkey And It Is DELIGHTFUL

At this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone from news anchors to politicians to that guy on Facebook you don ‘t know but somehow ended up on your friends list anyway are all saying the same thing, stay the hell inside. It ‘s the best possible thing you can do to prevent the spread of the virus, protecting yourself and your entire community.

And yet, there are those who still aren ‘t doing it.

If the good of humanity and the very real danger of contracting a life threatening virus isn ‘t enough to stop people from going out to bars or events or high-traffic areas in public, I don ‘t know what is.

Except for maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold is in his early 70 ‘s now, and although that doesn ‘t mean he couldn ‘t still kick every single one of our asses, that does mean COVID-19 poses more of a threat to him than those in younger age demographics.

So he, like any rational person should be doing, is self isolating and hunkering down in his home. The only difference is that his self isolation is infinitely cooler than any of ours, first because he ‘s Arnold Schwarzenegger, and second because he has a tiny horse and a donkey.

If you haven ‘t started self isolating yet, do it for Arnold, and DO IT NOW!

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