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Late Night Hosts Are Posting Mini Shows While Under Coronavirus Quarantine

We ‘ve said on this website that self isolating and social distancing are the best possible methods to combat COVID-19 at least twice, possibly three times already this week, and y ‘know what? We ‘re gonna KEEP saying it because it ‘s true and important.

And it ‘s more than just regular folks like you and me who are practicing self isolation! Everyone and their dog (or donkey, in Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s case) is hunkering down and placing themselves on coronavirus house arrest, and since many shows that record with a studio audience have pumped the brakes for the time being as well, that includes late night hosts.

But just because they ‘re not taping their usual programming from inside a studio doesn ‘t mean they ‘re all about to leave us high and dry, no no.

Out of the goodness of their hearts (and probably a smidge of boredom) the hosts of late night have started recording and uploading monologues from the confines of their respective homes.

Since they ‘re not in their usual work environment, they ‘ve all had to get creative and do the best with what they ‘ve got. Which means Jimmy Kimmel ‘s son sings his opening theme, Jimmy Fallon holds up his own logo scribbled on a sheet of paper, and Stephen Colbert sits behind a wall of bubbles in his bathtub instead of behind a desk.

So the production value isn ‘t quite the same, but hey! It ‘s RAW, it ‘s REAL, it involves CHILDREN ‘S DRAWINGS, and you gotta respect that.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

All three hosts will be uploading monologues while on coronavirus lockdown, so make sure you check their YouTube channels regularly!

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