By: Sloane Hughes

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Has Kevin Managed To Win Randy Over?

All systems are go for Frog and Toad are Friends, and Randy can finally ruin Kevin Bacon ‘s career for good. There ‘s just one tiny little hiccup preventing them from starting production.

They don ‘t have a script.

Yes, for as long as Kevin Bacon has been planning this movie, he never thought to write a script. So, the two of them decide to do what any professional film writer does to get the creative juices flowing: head to Tom Hanks ‘ cabin for a secluded writer ‘s retreat.

Meanwhile, Kyra Sedgwick is Closer-ing in on the last remaining copy of Footlong, the erotic Footloose parody starring Randy Beslow, which unfortunately is in the clutches of her sworn rival, Emily Deschanel.

Back at Tom Hanks ‘ retreat, things are going well… almost too well. Randy and Kevin aren ‘t just getting along, they ‘re… having a really great time? And they have so many things in common, like their mutual hatred of still water?!? Randy came here to write this script so he could destroy Kevin before he kills him in cold blood, but by spending time together and writing Frog and Toad are Friends… they might just become friends.

Will Randy be able to hold firm to his plan? Or will he put his lifelong grudge aside and give in to the power of friendship?

The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon ‘is available now, only on Spotify. New episodes drop every Monday.

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