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Randy And Kevin Have To Face Their Biggest Challenge Yet ‘ The Truth

This is it, folks.

Kyra, after her arduous journey to find the only copy of Footlong and the bike needed to play it, has returned to find Bacon Industries completely out of control. Like, Disneyland-level out of control. And the most shocking part of all of this? It ‘s HER fortune that ‘s been used to fund everything. As if Kyra needed another reason to distrust Randy.

Inside Bacon Industries, Kevin, Matthew McConaughey, Randy, and the rest of the crew sit down for their first table read. It doesn ‘t go super well, probably because Matthew is still under the impression that Kevin has a terminal illness and can ‘t stop crying, and Kevin, noticing that something is definitely off, isn ‘t so sure about this project anymore. But that ‘s not even the worst part of the day.

When Kevin and Randory arrive back home from their first table read, Kyra ‘s waiting for them… ready to show Kevin Footlong and finally expose Randy ‘s lies.

What happens next? Well, you ‘ll have to listen to find out.

The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon ‘is available now, only on Spotify.

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