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Kyra And Randy Are In For The Biggest Changes Of Their Life

This is a pretty major time for everybody.

The first day of shooting for Frog and Toad are Friends is here, and Kyra, sticking out her decision to leave Kevin, has packed her bags and gone to find solace in her new friend Emily Deschanel.

Before she left, though, she made sure to bid Randy and Kevin farewell… by tossing their only copy of the Frog and Toad script into her compost bin full of ravenous worms.

Amazingly, Kevin and Randy managed to save the script from Kyra ‘s horrifying worms and instructed Jeff to photocopy every paper they pulled out of the compost bin and bring it to set. Fortunately, the set looks fantastic. Unfortunately, the first day of shooting quickly becomes less than fantastic. There are some major issues right out of the gate, namely, Jeff photocopied old installation manuals and medication pamphlets that were accidentally pulled out of the compost as well, so the script is a mess.

But it ‘s when the time comes for Randy to do his Toad scenes that all hell really breaks loose.

He quickly goes from nervous sweating and vomiting to a full-blown nervous meltdown, and this nasty downward spiral might be what finally pushes him over the edge.

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