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What Happens When Home Renovation Shows Meet Drug Cartels?

So, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is we ‘re steadily approaching month 2 of social distancing and being stuck inside as we continue to try and stop the spread of COVID-19. The good news is this is the perfect time to get super invested in new shows and binge-watch the everloving crap out of them. The even better news is we have just the show for the occasion.

Do you love the high-stakes intensity of crime dramas? Do you also love the equally high-stakes intensity of home renovation shows? Of course you do, who the hell doesn ‘t!

Have your snacks at the ready, make sure your couch cushions are thoroughly fluffed, and get ready for Flipped.

Jann (Will Forte) and Cricket Melfi (Kaitlin Olson) might not have much, but one thing they certainly do not lack is confidence. When the chance to achieve basic cable fame as television ‘s newest house-flipping couple comes knocking, there is no way they ‘re going to let it pass by. The two are more than convinced that they have what it takes to become the king and queen of home renovations. Unfortunately, a Mexican drug cartel is convinced, too, and they give Jann and Cricket a project they, uh, can ‘t refuserenovating the cartel ‘s mansions.

Catch Flipped only on Quibi, with new episodes every weekday.

Happy renovating!

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