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It Seems Like More Than One Housemate Had Reason To Want Ryan Dead

There ‘s a murderer inside The Coop Mansion, and it could be anybody.

Last episode we got to see how the members of the house coped with the horrible and mysterious murder of Ryan, (which, considering he was the hottest contestant on this season of The Coop, was the most tragic loss imaginable for everyone) and we learned many interesting bits of information… namely, the shocking revelation regarding Ryan ‘s family tree.

Now that everyone ‘s had some time to process his death, episode 3 opens by giving you, the viewer, the choice to decide which of the two In Memoriam videos produced by different house members ‘both touching, moving, and slightly disturbing in their own way ‘ the rest of The Coop will watch together, and ultimately have seared into their brains for all time. After that, the recommendation for a self-defense class held by Derrick divides the house, and you ‘ll have to decide where your intuition takes you.

What will episode 3 add to your investigation? Get started and find out, leave no stone unturned!

Episode 3 ‘ In Memoriam

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