By: Sloane Hughes

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This Family Recreated The ‘Simpsons ‘ Opening Theme And It Friggin ‘ Rules

As Stay At Home orders and social distancing measures continue, so, too, does humanity ‘s quest to stay entertained within the confines of the home.

If there is any kind of tiny, faint silver lining to be seen during this pandemic, it ‘s that people have really begun to tap into their hidden wells of creativity in order to pass the time. There aren ‘t awards for pandemic creations yet, but if there were, this family would definitely clean up.

Joel Sutherland is an acclaimed author, he and his family live in Ottawa, and like most everyone right now, they ‘re all going a bit stir-crazy in isolation. Instead of doing puzzles or watching Netflix ‘s entire catalogue, they decided to take their family entertainment to the next level.

Using only items and costumes found in their house, the Sutherland family re-created the entire iconic opening sequence for The Simpsons.

I ‘m not sure how much choreographing and rehearsing it took before they were able to nail each part, but it was completely worth it.

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