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This Hilarious New Comedy Series Is Truly Good Vibes Only, Dude

These are tough times we find ourselves in.

Stay At Home orders around the country and beyond have been extended, and honestly there ‘s no real sense of when things will return to normal yet. There ‘s only a few things we do know for sure, 1. Buying all that toilet paper was stupid as hell, and 2. We could all use some camaraderie right now.

Although you can ‘t exactly call up your friends right now and hit the town or have them over for a good ol ‘ fashion hang sesh, (well, I mean, you could, but you ‘d be an asshole, so don ‘t) we have the next best thing.

The ultimate new show about two dudes just bein ‘ bros.

For ultra-chill small-town poolboys MP (MP Cunningham) and Jer (Jer Jackson), AKA the Agua Donkeys, it ‘s always summertime. These two do everything together, including trying to win the love of both their lives, Jackie (Baby Darrington). What ‘s standing in their way? Nothing, except for sick sunset kneeboarding seshes, synchronized rooftop gainers, and their boss, Rod (Luke Jackson).

Catch Agua Donkeys only on Quibi, with new episodes every weekday.

Keep vibin ‘

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