By: Sloane Hughes

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93-Year-Old Woman ‘s Call For Beer In Isolation Answered By Coors Light

We ‘re now in the second month of quarantine, and everybody ‘s coping in different ways.

My parents converted their window-filled home office into an indoor gardening space so they can start growing their own vegetables, some folks have started taking online classes or participating in virtual yoga sessions, I ‘ve been using my time to become super emotionally invested in the lives of the finches that hang out at my bird feeder and also crying. All healthy things! One activity many, many people are also indulging in is drinking.

It ‘s not the greatest of pastimes, but listen. This is a global pandemic. I think we get a pass.

For Olive Veronesi, a 93-year-old Pennsylvania resident, an essential element for self-isolation and not going completely insane is a beer a day. Which, honestly, is very reasonable, considering I had a glass of whiskey at noon. And like any responsible citizen, Olive is following social distancing guidelines and not leaving the house unless she absolutely has to. So when her beer supply was starting to run low, she decided to try and catch the attention of her neighbors.

But she didn ‘t just get their attention, her beer S.O.S. went viral online and was spotted by Coors Light, who swiftly took action by delivering Olive 150 cans of beer right to her doorstep.

Not all heroes wear capes, some brew beer.

Cheers, Olive!

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