By: Sloane Hughes

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This Meteorologist Does His Forecasts With His Cat And I Would Protect Her With My Life

Working from home has presented its own share of unique challenges for us all, like trying to run a video conference when your toddler desperately needs to inform you about something happening on Paw Patrol, or honestly just getting your laptop ‘s audio and video to work. (Technology is hard, man.) And it ‘s not just us Average Joe ‘s who are facing these new obstacles.

Jeff Lyons, the Chief Meteorologist for Indiana ‘s 14 First Alert, is working from home like the rest of us. Of course, for him that means something a little bit different than the occasional Zoom meeting. Jeff had to set up a green screen in his living room in order to give his weather broadcasts, and pretty much immediately he was joined by an extra special guest.

His cat.

Her name is Betty and I ‘m not sure exactly what her qualifications are, but she absolutely deserves to help report the weather every goddamn day. I live nowhere near Indiana and I will be eagerly awaiting all of their broadcasts.

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