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The First Trailer For The ‘Saved By The Bell ‘ Reboot Is Here

Back in September NBC announced that Saved By The Bell is getting a reboot, and that was followed by two extremely cool developments. First, that the man, the myth, the legend behind Zack Morris is Trash, Dashiell Driscoll, is a writer for the reboot, (go follow him on Twitter!) and then a few months later, that Mark-Paul Gosselaar would indeed be returning to reprise his role as the devil himself, Zack Morris.

After that last new bit of information in January of this year, though, there was a lot of silence around this reboot.

But not anymore!

Last week, we not only got some first-look images at 2020 Bayside High, we also got the first official trailer for the upcoming reboot. Zack Morris is now the Governor of California, however he is not seen in the teaser. We do get to see modern day Slater (Mario Lopez), though, who is now working as a gym teacher at Bayside High and teaching his former classmates ‘ kids. That ‘s gotta be weird. We also get a glimpse of Jesse Soprano (Elizabeth Berkley), but there ‘s no giveaway as to what she ‘s been up to for the last 30 years.

While you ‘re hangin ‘ out, catch up on episodes of Zack Morris is Trash right here.

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