By: Trophy Husbands

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Everyone has had this same Zoom call!

If you have been on a Zoom call, then this has most likely happened to you. Exactly this. This might be the best quarantine sketch money could buy! It ‘s got zoom, it ‘s got cameos, it ‘s got explosions. It ‘s got it all! it ‘s relatable, fun for the whole family! and may or may not have Ed Sheeran? It ‘s really hard to tell if that ‘s actually him…

Here ‘s some titles we considered but didn ‘t end up making the cut: Zoomtopia, Panic Zoom, Ok Zoomer, Zoom Service, Zoom with a View. Let us know if we messed up with the title.

Written and Performed by the Trophy Husbands:

Jon Rende, Jackson Rowe, and Mike Mildon

Directed and Edited by:

Mike Mildon

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