By: Curren Sheldon


Introducing QUARANTINE LIFE web series

What a strange time. While people suffer all over the country and our economy crashes, most of us are left quarantined in our homes, waiting out a pandemic on a timeline nobody has nailed down. Anxiety is high and people are scared. And while we all have different experiences during this pandemic, we also have many shared fears, anxieties, and frustrations. We all have the same surreal feeling that the days are bleeding into each other, that friendly neighbors have become something to be wary of, and that going to the store can be a harrowing ordeal.

Our series Quarantine Life is here to offer a little levity and laughter to these very real circumstances. To show that while we all feel alone, we ‘re really not. Each episode highlights a different aspect of our new normal, like the loss of work and purpose or the terror of seeing an overzealous runner coming towards us or how we all wish we would have done a little more research on how to survive in the wild like we said we would.

Who knows how much longer we ‘ll need to be in this situation? No, seriously, do you know anyone who knows? No? Okay, well, in that case, here is a funny web series that will hopefully bring a little lightheartedness to your time in quarantine because we ‘re all in this together. And we could all use a good laugh right now.

Here is Episode 1, with more random, outrageous, strange scenarios to come – or head over to our Youtube page to watch more and subscribe!

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