Comedy Group Reads Dumb Scripts For The First Time LIVE

The sketch comedy group HUNKS have been doing a livestream sketch comedy show every week since Covid-19 forced everyone to stay at home.

Each week, Tim Gray has taken it upon himself to write the dumbest scripts possible and force the rest of the group to read them for the first time ever live on camera. It ‘s called QuaranTeen Wolf, but there ‘s almost no mention of Werewolves.


Quaranteen Wolf is a weekly segment on our Skit or Die show (every Saturday at 9pm CST on YouTube). Each week Tim presents a new scene in the script for the rest of HUNKS to read for the very first time.

Posted by HUNKS Comedy on Friday, April 24, 2020

Written by ‘Tim Gray

Performedby ‘HUNKS

Look, HUNKS is a sketch comedy group from Winnipeg, got it? You can subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch full episodes of Skit or Die ‘here. They have a podcast you can listen to ‘here. DM them dick pics ‘here.

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