By: Kat Curtis

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Social Distancing Has Become A Contest For These Two Guys Who Hate Each Other

Hatred is the greatest motivator.

Especially for Dan and George, who were two regular guys until they laid eyes on each other and BOOM – a spark was ignited.

Was it love? No.

Was it friendship? Not really.

Was it a weird passive-aggressive love-hate relationship? Yeah – I guess that ‘s a good way to describe it.

On this episode of Two Guys Who Hate Each Other, we watch Dan and George have a pissing contest to decide who is doing the superior job following social distancing protocols.

Is it petty and unnecessary? Absolutely.

Is it hilarious and entertaining? Most definitely.

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Starring George Kareman & Dan Klein

Written by George Kareman

Directed by Greg Stees

Edited by Matt Mayer

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