By: George Kareman

Article by Kat Curtis

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These Two Guys Who Hate Each Other Are Dating Two Gals Who Hate Each Other

Love is cool, but have you ever dated someone who hates the same people as you? It ‘s so hot.

In this episode of ‘Two Guys Who Hate Each Other, Dan and George (who, as the title suggests, hate each other) accidentally take their dates, Kelly and Rebecca, to the same restaurant. This situation could ‘ve been awkward, but luckily, Kelly and Rebecca hate each other just as much as Ben and George do! So as the four wait to be seated, they brutally roast each other.

Sure, their passive-aggressive comments makes everyone in the restaurant uncomfortable, but we the viewers are thoroughly entertained – and that ‘s all that really matters.

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George Kareman, Dan Klein, Kelly Hudson, Rebecca Delgado Smith, and Bridey Elliott

Written by:

George Kareman

Directed by:

Greg Stees

Shot by:

Skyler Rousselet

Edited by:

Matt Mayer

Sound by:

Marcos Butron Jr.


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