By: Caleb Hearon

Article by Kat Curtis

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Welcoming The New Kid

POV: You ‘re the new kid, you ‘re at a new school, and you ‘re TERRIFIED.

Luckily, you have Caleb Hearon showing you around!

Will he show you where your classes are? Probably not.

-but will he give you the tea you need on all the high school cliques!? HELL YEAH!!

THE HIGH SCHOOL CLIQUES (According To Caleb Hearon)

  • The hot, sporty guys: they secretly have hearts of gold, but don ‘t mistake their kindness for bisexuality.
  • The theater kids: they ‘re always harmonizing, and it kind of has a horny energy to it.
  • The white kids that are really into Japanese culture: nobody can prove that it ‘s problematic (but Caleb is really trying to)
  • The girl ‘s softball team: before you ask – no they ‘re not all lesbians… yet.
  • The student council kids: school spirit is their life because they haven ‘t figured out who they really are yet.
  • David Marmalade: He killed somebody last summer… but he ‘s so cute.
  • The Young Republicans: they ‘re exhausting.
  • The yearbook staff: An insane thing to have a power trip about, but they find a way.
  • The kids that abuse marijuana drugs: THEY ‘RE GOING TO HELL… lol, jk!
  • Patricia Marsden: has a horrible attitude and everybody ‘s afraid of her… but she ‘s going ti win prom queen
  • The Young Democrats: they ‘re annoying in their own way.
  • The football guys & the football guys with really intense dads: Big energy difference… you can tell.


Director, Writer & Talent:

Caleb Hearon





Darren Miller & Tamara Yajia

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