By: Alec Castillo


Turtles Are Investing in Paper Straws To Get Rich Quick

Of all the disasters that the past four years has brought us, arguably one of the most disappointing is the eradication of plastic straws for paper straws.

Sure, paper straws might be ‘better for the environment ‘, but plastic straws don ‘t get soggy and wet and annoy you when you ‘re trying to enjoy your Dr Pepper.

Hate paper straws? You can thank the turtles for that. They ‘re complaining and whining about plastic straws and how they ‘re ‘getting stuck in their noses. ‘ But those turtles are liars. I know what they ‘re really up to.

All these turtles have invested in paper straws, and now they ‘re trying to throw the good name of hard-working plastic straws into the gutter just to boost their investment.

Don ‘t believe it for one second.

Before we know it, turtles will be the most dominant species on Earth all because of paper straws.

Now tell me. Are you going to sit back and let that happen?

This cartoon, exposing the truth behind these turtles scamming us, was created by Alec Castillo and features Patrick McCarthy.

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