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3 TikTok Creators That Are ?Actually? Funny & The Latest On The TikTok Ban

Wait.. there ‘s people with ?COMEDIC TALENT?on TikTok? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?

Yes, yes there is. A lot of it actually. But I get why you may not think there is.

Unlike other social media platforms – TikTok provides editing tools within the app – which means almost anyone with a phone can make a TikTok

Ew… anyone can make a TikTok? That must mean there ‘s a lot of crappy content on that app. LOLOLOLOL – THAT ‘S WHERE YOU ‘RE WRONG!!

Because TikTok gives everyone the tools they need to be a creator AND has created a platform where cell phone content is celebrated, creators who never had this access to film and editing equipment (which hindered them from being able to be taken seriously on other platforms) suddenly have the ability to both create viral content, which means you ‘re seeing creators who typically don ‘t succeed – ACTUALLY SUCCEED!


Are you feeling warm and fuzzy like I am? Good, because now I want to show you three three of the funniest accounts I ‘ve come across this week: Snarky Mark, Benito Skinner, and Emma Langevin.

*TikTok ban update: Usually I post the ban updates here, but I ‘m moving it to the bottom of the article because there ‘s week ‘s update is a bit longer. Scroll to the bottom for that!

Snarky Marky ‘ 3.8M followers (@snarkymarky)


POV: you ‘re on the bus ride back to school after a field trip and the teacher is yelling at you because your class is too loud #viral

? original sound – snarkymarky

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

TRIGGER WARNING: Mark ‘s videos WILL give you flashbacks of your most traumatizing middle-school memories – BUT his content is so funny it is totally worth it. Mark relies solely on his voice and physicality to create hilarious and viral parodies of everyday people – teachers, parents, high school bullies, etc. He is brilliant character comedian who is going to be one of the most memorable future hosts of Saturday Night Live.

when your mom takes thirty minutes to say goodbye and leave someone ‘s house

POV: the toxic girls approach you at recess in 4th grade

what school in 2020 will be like

Benito Skinner ‘ 515K followers (@bennydrama7)

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

If Mad TV could be embodied into one person, it would be Benito Skinner. He is a walking variety sketch show, He parodies pop culture icons hilariously (Hilary Duff, the Karadashians, Taylor Swift ‘s new album Forklore, etc) while also creating relatable LGBTQ+ sketch comedy. To put it simply: Benito Skinner has the range.

Me as a parent

~~LeT ‘s StAy HoMe~~

Jenni the TMI hair stylist <3

Emma Langevin ‘ 811k followers (@emmalangevin)

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

If Vine, MySpace, and punk rock could be personified as a human, it would be Emma Langevin. Emma has old internet energy with Gen Z level wokeness: she sets up her phone, lets her face fill the screen, and delivers jokes that you ‘ll watch (and laugh at) over and over, quote with your friends, and consider getting tattooed on your body.

why the dead deer on the side of the road is usually a doe

instagram usernames vs display names

I ‘m soooo quirky 🙂


Until a few days ago, Microsoft was the frontrunner for acquiring TikTok, but now Oracle is officially pursing acquiring TikTok and Trump has publicly shown his support for this acquisition. This makes me nervous because Oracle ‘s executive chairman, Larry Ellison, is a HUGE Trump supporter (the dude threw a fundraising event for Trump that caused Oracle employees to stage a walkout). Like, we know Trump is still butt hurt that TikTok teens and Kpop fans ruined his racist rally in Tusla, so the idea that TikTok may be acquired by a company whose biggest stakeholder is a Trump supporter gives me anxiety about TikTok ‘s future.

HOWEVER – if Oracle (or whatever company) acquires TikTok leaves the platform alone and allows its employees, creators, and advertisers to carry on business as usual – we ‘re chill.

TikTok has threatened sue the Trump administration over the ban for several reasons:

  • The ban is likely unconstitutional & violating our freedom of speech
  • There isn ‘t evidence (or proof) that TikTok is giving data to China OR tracking any more data than other social media platform
  • The ban would suddenly (and unconstitutionally) put a bunch of US employees (and creators around the world) out of work IN THE MIDDLE A GLOBAL PANDEMIC

So yeah… the future of TikTok is still uncertain. ‘\_(?)_/ ‘ Come back next week for more updates!


Trump supports a TikTok acquisition by Oracle, whose chairman is a major supporter (Business Insider)

Oracle Employees Walk Out to Protest Chairman Larry Ellison ‘s Trump Fundraiser (Time)

TikTok threatens to sue the Trump administration over the executive order barring US firms from doing business with its parent (Business Insider)

TikTok says Trump ‘s ban attempt shows ‘no adherence to the law ‘ (The Verge)

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