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Turns Out Crappy Golf Courses Make For Hilarious Conversation

Jake Adams plays a round of golf with Ahamed Weinberg at the Los Feliz Par 3 course in Los Angeles, CA.


When you think of talk shows and interviews, what pops into your mind?

I ‘m willing to bet the image in your mind is of a big-ass desk and a couch that are more or less facing the same direction with a stock image of some city behind it. Even if this wasn ‘t a concept that ‘s been exhausted to hell, watching two people shoot the breeze from behind a desk and sitting awkwardly on a sofa is… well… pretty dull, man! We ‘re better than this. We deserve better than this.

And Jake Adams is here to do something about it.

Instead of sitting down to just talk with other comedians, Jake decided he wanted to bring his guests to the great outdoors! Together, Jake and his guest, fellow comedian Ahamed Weinberg, opened up to each other and everyone watching at home while conquering the rugged, unkempt, coyote-filled terrain of a (forgotten and possibly haunted) golf course in Los Angeles.

Well, okay maybe it ‘s not “great ‘, it ‘s not Yosemite, fine,
but it ‘s still outdoors!

And even though this golf green is, like, barely green, this is still the most entertaining (and kind of disturbing, honestly) conversation I ‘ve seen unfold on my screen in a long time.

Find Jake on YouTube and Instagram to keep up with all his awesome work and look out for more golf sessions with comedians!



STARRING Jake Adams & Ahamed Weinberg

CAMERA Mark Debonis

SOUND Adam Araujo

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