By: Sloane Hughes

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Eugene And Dan Levy ‘s SAG Awards Speech Had Me Cracking UP

Although the SAG Awards is one of the more recent additions to awards season, this year marked the 26th ever, that hasn ‘t stopped it from becoming one of the most revered and highly anticipated events for actors in both film and prime time television. Since the whole point of the SAG Awards is to honor actors, the night opens with a handful of actors explaining how and when they got into the business. This short segment is always neat to watch because we don ‘t know or even really think about how a lot of the actors we know and love started out.

Now, listen. It might not be fair to decide a winner of an introduction, since… well… it ‘s not a category or even part of the ceremony, but I ‘m gonna go ahead and declare Eugene and Dan Levy the winners anyway.

Most of the actors introduced themselves in a succinct 30-ish seconds or less, but as Eugene put it, his “story is complex, ‘ and complex in this case means a lot of Very Dad Ramblings about guys in toilet paper commercials. And, like any son watching their father telling a confusing and long-winded story at the dinner table, Dan was there to reel him in.

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