By: Sloane Hughes

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A 7-Year-Old Comic Roasted The Hell Out Of The ‘America ‘s Got Talent ‘ Judges

Now fourteen seasons in, all kinds of different folks with different strokes have graced the stage of America ‘s Got Talent. Considering how open-ended it is ‘meaning, contestants can do pretty much whatever they want so they have no idea what they ‘re up against and what everyone else has up their sleeves ‘it ‘s very, VERY difficult competition to win. America ‘s Got Talent: Champions, however, is next friggin ‘ level.

Champions “involves a variety of participants taken from across both ‘AGT ‘and the ‘Got Talent ‘franchise ‘ including winners, finalists, live round participants and other notable entries. ‘ Basically, it ‘s the Olympics of reality TV talent shows. The bar is unbelievably high, the judges are all seasoned, and some are well-known for being hard-asses (looking at you, Simon), suffice to say, it ‘s a tough crowd.

Unless you ‘re seven-year-old JJ Pantano.

Yeah, you read that right, this kid is SEVEN YEARS OLD. Usually acts involving kids who haven ‘t even learned long division yet are endearing, but last week JJ came out guns ablazing with a comedy roast that would make Don Rickles proud.

No one was safe, and you couldn ‘t even be mad about being roasted by someone this adorable. Look at that face!

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