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The Circle Back

E-mails, layoffs, and the apocalypse ‘ employees working from home will send whatever it takes to cling onto their health insurance on The Circle Back, a spin-off parody of the hit Netflix reality-competition series.

The Circle Back

It ‘s 2021. The fourth wave is a tsunami, fires have consumed most of the US, but YOU still have to work from home.

In these uncertain times, the only thing your office is certain about is layoffs. Four contestants battle to stay employed. The challenge? They can only communicate through email.

Boss, watched SAW once and created this show.

Strategies differ as some choose to be more agreeable…

Coordinator, self proclaimed pill queen
Sales Rep, favorite snack is soap

While others aim to assert dominance…

Senior Manager, thinks being corporate is a personality

And others simply aren ‘t worried about it.

Marketing Rep, a little sleepy

Employees will rank their co-workers from best to worst.

Who your least favorite employee?

And the player at the bottom? They will get BLOCKED. Well, furloughed. ‘

A very important e-mail

Find out who will be let go when we’ Circle Back.

The office slack

Created by Madeleine Daste

Written by Anca Vlasan


Boss – Madison Hatfield

Senior Manager – Andrea Laing

Marketing Rep – Heath Hancock

Coordinator – Catherine Holly

Sales Rep – Fray Forde

HR Rep – Jonothon Mitchell

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Fishbrain Productions

Some Blonde Girl Productions

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