Just in time for Spooktober

What ‘s scarier than a pile of old bones? What about a dried out pile of old bones with some gross old skin still attached? What if they teamed up?!

This one ‘s for everyone who ‘s wondered what would happen if a Skeleton and a Mummy ever joined forces. Or fought each other? We ‘re not entirely sure what the plot of this movie is, we just know that these guys are scary.

It ‘s spooktober, so turn off the lights and prepare to be terrified, because these monsters aren ‘t messing around. Even though they just kind of walk around mindlessly, and if they bite you, their brittle old teeth just break off and fall out of their dusty head. But believe us they ‘re fuckin ‘ scary.

Look, HUNKS is a sketch comedy group from Winnipeg, got it? You can subscribe to their YouTube channel ‘here. They have a podcast you can listen to ‘here ‘(or anywhere you subscribe to podcasts). DM them dick pics ‘here.

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