By: Alec Castillo


Cool 90s Ghosts Crash An Old Timey Ball

Whenever you hear about ghosts haunting a place, they are always the lost souls of people from way too long ago..

People who died from the Spanish Flu, people who wear top hats and monocles, and people who would definitely freak out if they saw an airplane.

I ‘m tired of being haunted by ghosts who don ‘t know what a microwave is.

I really want to start hearing about are the ghosts who are from the 1990s. The type of ghosts who remember the 90s and can recite all the words to “Wonderwall ‘ in your ear while you ‘re trying to sleep.

But these 90s ghosts don ‘t want to scare you… They just probably just wanna get “hella jiggy. ‘

In this first episode of this animated web-series, Skeeter and Scooter crash a haunted ballroom soiree like two frat boys crashing a country club dinner.

The old ghosts definitely aren ‘t vibe with this new generation of ghosts. If they had a lawn they ‘d be yelling at the new ghosts to get off it. But they are stuck with each-other for eternity..

Perhaps this new generation of spooks will be scarier..

To a ghost who died in 1882, the sound of a Tamagotchi beeping must be terrifying. Demons and goblins be damned: that Tamagotchi noise is REPUGNANT!

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