By: Sloane Hughes

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Alright, Fine, Macaulay Culkin Has The Best Mask Ever

The number one fashion item for all seasons for the foreseeable future, as we all know, is masks. So, making the best of a bad (read: incredibly horrible and awful, jesus christ) situation, we ‘ve all started ordering, or making, if you ‘ve got the talent, our own personalized masks. My mask is entirely black because at this point, that is a pretty good representation of who I am inside, just a void.

However, the best personalized mask goes to actor and king of the internet, Macaulay Culkin.

You know those companies that sell personalized masks that are literally prints of the bottom half of your face? Y ‘know, so that people on the street can get an idea of what you look like if your head had the same horrifying proportions and resolution of a PS2 video game character? Well, Macaulay has hopped aboard that train, except with one difference ‘ this one actually kicks ass.

Remember, listen to Macaulay (and scientists too but whatever) and wear your masks, no matter how horrifying!

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