By: Rachelle Eastburn

Rising Ship Productions



STINX | For People Who Fart. Flatulence is natural. It ‘s a part of every person ‘s existence. And now it doesn ‘t have to disrupt your life! With Stinx odor lock and noise control underwear, you can fart anywhere!

We get it. You are a mystical farting human who just wants to toot at the office, or cut the cheese while shopping for snacks. Now thanks to STINX, you can finally ghost turd in that packed hot yoga class you ‘ve been going to! Gone are the days of going to the bathroom just to let loose a noxious cloud of stench. Gone are the days of blaming it on the dog. Gone are the days of holding gas in so long you get chest pains and are convinced you ‘re having a heart attack and need to go to the hospital. STINX is here! So let it rip!

STINX works by filtering out the not so pleasant fart parts and trapping them within our patented, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, sound-dampening, panty filtration system, leaving the air around you fresh and vibrant, just like you!


Director: Rachelle Eastburn

Producers: Rosslyn Luke and Michelle Lukiman

Writer: Annemarie Hereford

Directory of Photography: Marisa Gerardin

Production Company: Rising Ship Productions

Ensemble: Rachelle Eastburn, Rosslyn Luke, Michelle Lukiman, Jennie Sherer, Annemarie Hereford, Brie Carter

Voiceover: Jessica De ‘Shong

1st AD: Jennie Sherer

Gaffer: Mike Mastronardi

Props: Annemarie Hereford

Editor: Brad Gage

GFX: Makenna Timoteo

Special Thanks: Pollution Studios, Thinx

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