By: Johnno Wilson

Article by Kat Curtis

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Johnno and Michael Try Diversity

As Johnno and Michael were planning their next Johnno And Michael episode, their friend Ken points out a HUGE flaw: their series lacks diversity! OH NO.

At first, Johnno and Michael FREAK OUT and wallow in self-hatred. However, Ken reminds that though, yes – they did screw up by not being more inclusive sooner – BUT the problem is pretty easy to fix: all the boys gotta do is 1) become more culturally educated and 2) cast more diversely (see Hollywood – IT ‘S LITERALLY THAT EASY!!).

Will Ken be able to help Johnno and Michael be more culturally aware and inclusive? Well, probably not in one episode, but we gotta start somewhere!


Johnno: Johnno Wilson ‘@johnnowilson

Michael: Michael Strassner ‘@strasshola

Ken: Ken Kirby @mrkenkirby ‘ ‘

Sandi: Sandi Mcree @sandimccree

Jon: Jon Ebeling @jonebeling


In this series, Johnno and Michael try things. The two aren ‘t always successful and (often) hilariously fail, but hey – at least they ‘re having fun!

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