By: Alec Castillo


Cool 90s Ghosts Think This Is The Ghost of Adolf Hitler

Skeeter and Scooter are two ghosts from the 90s trying to acclimate to a hotel filled with ghosts from generations ago, in this animated web series created by Alec Castillo.

In this episode, the two are enjoying their afternoon until they notice that one of the ghosts has a stark resemblance to Hitler. This would be a problem for the other ghosts, except they don ‘t know who Hitler even is. Cause you know, they were dead before the rise of the Third Reich.

Scooter makes it his quest to do justice and show everyone that this is, in fact, the ghost of Hitler.

Could Hitler even be living as a ghost? Hypothetically, if he were to have faked his death in the bunker and fled to this haunted hotel in America, it ‘s possible.. But that ‘s definitely not likely.

If Hitler was a ghost haunting my hotel room, he would probably be painting the walls and trying to make me suffer by having to look at his awful artwork.

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