By: Joey Thompson


The Male Karens Return for Halloween

The Tik Tok teens on the World Wide Web may refer to October as Spooky SZN, but to Dick and Doug it ‘s just another day in Citation SZN! Will the Halloweiners squirm out of their grasp and taint the Karen ‘s reputations? These are questions you won ‘t care about because hopefully your ribs are busy getting tickled by the “racey ‘ comments that Dick and Doug often unknowingly spew.

Dick and Doug are your prototypical beta males who are always looking to ruin a good time with their stickler-like antics and obsessive rule enforcement. Their britches may feel big as when they ‘re roaming the streets of the suburb, but we all know their wives wear the cargo shorts at home. To be clear both their wives are named Karens and are absolutely the queens of the castle.

The only time the boys get to let loose is when they are enforcing the guidelines of the neighborhood homeowner ‘s association (which they do nightly). They ‘re gonna need backup as the streets turn into a “Carnvial of Sin ‘ during the Devil ‘s Holiday.

Written and Starring Joey Thompson and Joe Hamric

Shot by Dan Johnson

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